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Milwaukee Dining

The Germans who first settled in Milwaukee determined its eating style - heavy on bratwurst, rye bread and beer. Subsequent immigrants threw the collective kitchen wide open, making for a culinary cornucopia. With Lake Michigan lapping the city's feet, freshwater fish can hardly be overlooked, especially on a Friday night when fish boils break out all over the place. Wherever you go, portions tend to be big.

J Pandl's Whitefish Bay Inn 1319 E Henry Clay St tel 414/964-3800. The suburban landmark is famous for reasonably priced grilled whitefish, colossal oven-baked pancakes and its stein collection.

The King & I 823 N 2nd St tel 414/276-4181. Good medium-priced Thai food, downtown.

Milwaukee Ale House 233 N Water St tel 414/226-BEER. Milwaukee's sole all-grain, old-style brewpub serves filling food and fresh Wisconsin-only beer.

Mimma's Café 1307 E Brady St tel 414/271-7737. This unmissable Italian restaurant is classy yet casual with imaginative, mouthwatering cuisine and an extensive wine list.

Old Town Serbian Gourmet House 522 W Lincoln Ave tel 414/672-0206. Tasty Serbian food on the Pole-dominated south side. Try a burek, a meat- or spinach-filled pie the size of a Frisbee. Live music Fri-Sun.