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Vancouver Information

Time Zone Pacific Standard Time Zone

Getting Around: Visitors travelling by air can fly into Vancouver International Airport. Visitors departing the airport are required to purchase an Airport Improvement Fee ticket that must be presented at the security checkpoint. The fee ranges between $5.00 and $15.00 depending on your destination. Taxis are difficult to find in the downtown area. It is best to utilize public transportation. Other means of transportation are car rentals, ferries, trains and buses.

Weather: Vancouver has mild weather year-round. Spring arrives in February or March but you'll still need a warm jacket in the evenings. Summers are very comfortable and rarely scorching. The fall season is long with temperatures remaining mild till November when the wet season begins. Snow is a rarity except, of course, in the nearby mountains. Your best bet is to wear layers so you're always prepared for changes in weather.

Language English and French are Canada's two official languages with English being the predominant language in British Columbia.

Metric Measures Canada follows the international metric system.

Important Telephone Numbers
Emergency 911
BC Ferries (Vancouver) 604-444-2890
Bus Transit 604-521-0400
BC Rail 604-984-5246
Weather Report 604-664-9010
Vancouver Tourist Info Centre 604-683-2000
Canada Customs 604-666-0545

Currency All visitors should use Canadian currency when traveling within Canada. It is best to have local currency on hand prior to arriving; contact your local bank. Visitors may exchange their currency at Canadian banks, credit unions, or at the offices of foreign exchange brokers.