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Nyon Attractions:

For an adventure off the beaten path, you can rent a bike for 26F ($17) at the Nyon rail station and cycle to Céligny, lying midway between Coppet and Nyon. You can go all the way to Coppet in 10km (6 miles) by heading south. But spend what time you can at Céligny, one of the most enchanting of all lakeside villages.

Richard Burton called Céligny home during the last years of his life. There's a small port here filled with yachts and grassy lawns ideal for sunbathing. In fact, the swimming here is the best along the lake.

Later you can wander over to the village cemetery to visit the grave of the great actor and former resident. Elizabeth Taylor has told friends that she has purchased the adjacent plot next to the man she married and divorced twice.

Musée du Léman, 8, quai Louis-Bonnard (tel. 022/361-58-88), is devoted exclusively to the geography, history, marine culture, arts, and ethnography of Lake Geneva. It also contains three large aquariums, plus flora and fauna of

the largest lake of Western Europe.

Musée Romain, rue Maupertuis (tel. 022/361-75-91), displays specimens of Roman architecture, as well as Roman statuary, inscriptions, mosaics, crafts, amphorae, glasswork, and coins. The basilica, which stands at one end of the forum of the Roman colony (Colonia Julia Equestris), was a public building for justice and commerce.

Entrance to either museum costs 6F ($3.90) for adults, 3F ($1.95) for children and students. Both museums maintain the same hours: April to October, Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to noon and 2 to 6pm (open Mon in July-Aug); November to March, Tuesday to Sunday from 2 to 6pm.