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Taos Overview

Some 6,000 years ago, nomadic hunter-gatherers passed through the Taos area, leaving behind arrowheads, potsherds, and pictographs. In the early 20th Century, Doc Martin, Taos' beloved country doctor said, "God's in charge of everything that happens in Taos!" As you visit our community, you'll see that Taos is a place where history is honored and continues to be made every day.

It Seems Like Only Yesterday... And in Some Ways it Was

"In the 1920's there were more great artists in Taos than anywhere else in the world... to a great extent that still holds true today." We certainly have no argument with the preceding statement. The interesting thing about those words is they were spoken by actor Raymond Burr, of "Perry Mason" and "Ironside" fame at the Taos County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet on April 26, 1962.

Taos and its environs have been the set for dozens of Hollywood films, documentaries, and television commercials since the 1940s. From Lucille Ball movies to the award-winning 1992 PBS show, Surviving Columbus, and up to the present day, this area has been a magnet for movie cameras and crews. And the wide variety of films has reflected the diverse range of terrain, people, and cultures found here.

The Enchanted Circle: the Heart of Northern New Mexico

The Enchanted Circle contains many surprises. Not the least of these, for those unfamiliar with northern New Mexico, is the diversity of the landscape. This 86-mile trip through the southern Rocky Mountains will dispel any thoughts of New Mexico being strictly a desert state. To begin your enchanted journey in Taos, take Highway 285/68 from Santa Fe or Highway 68 south from Colorado. Starting in Taos gives you the benefits of many diverse lodging establishments, restaurants, museums, galleries, and shops. When you are ready, you can embark to explore the Enchanted Circle at your leisure.