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Taos Attractions:

Taos Pueblo, Taos
A communal village built in 1350 by the Pueblo Indians.
Attraction type: Historic village; Ancient ruins; Reservation; Historic site; Neighborhood; Landmark/point of interest

Taos Ski Valley, Taos
Friendly, old-fashioned resort for people who love to ski.
Attraction type: Ski area

Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos
This impressive museum has more than a dozen galleries with some 5000 pieces of Native American and Hispanic art, including furniture, weaving, paintings, pottery and a celebrated collection of Native American jewelry.
Attraction type: Art museum; Specialty museum

Rio Grande Gorge, Taos
This 800-foot-deep gorge in northern New Mexico offers exciting whitewater rafting, hiking trails around the rim and observation platforms with spectacular views of the winding river below.
Attraction type: Geological formation; River; Bridge

Harwood Museum, Taos
Run by the University of New Mexico at Taos, this cultural and community art center features Taos art from the 19th century to the present, including sculpture, paintings and Hispanic religious art.
Attraction type: Art museum

Kit Carson Home and Museum, Taos
Purchased by famed cowboy Kit Carson for his bride in 1843, this 12-room adobe home displays artifacts, antique firearms and other pioneer belongings, Kit Carson memorabilia and an exhaustive supply of books about New Mexico.
Attraction type: History museum; Historic home

Kit Carson Park, Taos
Historical tombstones pay tribute to Western pioneers.
Attraction type: Historic site; State park; Historic home

Taos Plaza, Taos
Attraction type: Town center/square/plaza

Blumenschein Home and Museum, Taos
Dedicated to the two painters who ended up in Taos in the late 1880s due to a broken wagon wheel and stayed to form the Taos Society of Artists.
Attraction type: Art museum; Historic home

Fechin Institute, Taos
Attraction type: Historic site; Educational site

Governor Bent House and Museum, Taos
Home of the first territorial governor of New Mexico, which features adobe architecture, 19th-century frontier artifacts and family furnishings.
Attraction type: Historic home

Taos Box, Taos
Offering a wild whitewater rafting experience, this 16-mile stretch of frothing river carves like a knife through the 800-foot-deep Rio Grand Gorge, giving its riders an especially tumultuous journey on the last four-mile stretch.
Attraction type: Canyon; River

Van Vechten-Lineberry Taos Art Museum, Taos
Taos's newest museum, opened in 1994, has a collection of works by early members of the Taos Society of Artists never seen before by the public.
Attraction type: Art museum

Taos Mountain Casino, Taos
100% smoke-free casino, built in adobe style with incredible mountain views
Attraction type: Casino

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos
Attraction type: Bridge