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Tempe Information

Population (year 2000): 158,625

Est. population in July 2002: 159,508 (+0.6% change)
Males: 81,942 (51.7%)

Females: 76,683 (48.3%)

Elevation: 1179 feet

County: Maricopa

Land area: 40.1 square miles

Zip codes: 85281, 85282, 85283, 85284.

Median Age: 28.8 years

Number of Households: 63,602

Education Attained (residents more than 25 years old)

With College Degree 47%

With Bachelors Degree 25%

With Bachelors Degree or Higher 40%

With doctorate 14%

The Largest Airport near Tempe is:

Sky Harbor International Airport Sky Harbor International Airport
Sky Harbor International Airport is served by 18 major airlines and three commuter airlines.
Nonstop service is available from Phoenix to 105 cities in the U.S. and around the world.
Sky Harbor has the fifth highest number of takeoffs and landings in the Unites States.

U.S. Busiest Airports:

Aircraft take-offs and landings
1. Chicago O'Hare
2. Atlanta
3. Dallas/Fort Worth
4. Los Angeles
5. Sky Harbor International

Busiest in passenger traffic
1. Atlanta
2. Chicago O'Hare
3. Los Angeles
4. Dallas/Fort Worth
5. Denver
6. Sky Harbor International

Sky Harbor passenger traffic:
According to the Phoenix Aviation Department, more than 35.5 million people passed through Sky Harbor in 2002.


Tempe is located in the heart of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, just 90 minutes from Tucson and two hours from Flagstaff. Tempe's central location makes it a great place to do business. With more than 200 commercial, retail and industrial and office parks, many near freeways, bus routes, or the airport, employees and customers can reach businesses quickly. Tempe businesses can access six freeways, an international airport just five minutes from downtown and a variety of alternative transportation methods. Tempe provides quick, convenient and environmentally conscientious transportation.

Business Parks

  • More than 70 office and industrial parks are available in Tempe

  • Some parks offer views of golf courses, Tempe Town Lake, Sun Devil Stadium and Tempe Diablo Stadium or amenities such as the use of Arizona State University facilities

  • Some locations offer freeway access and proximity to Sky Harbor International Airport


  • Six freeways surround Tempe, including Interstate10, Loop 101, Loop 202, I-143, I-153 and US Hwy 60

  • More than 250,000 cars each day use stretches of these freeways


  • The City of Tempe has more than 150 miles of dedicated bikeways

  • The League of American Bicyclists recognized Tempe as a Bicycle Friendly
    Community, making Tempe one of the 14 best bicycling communities in the United States


  • Bus service in Tempe operates seven days a week

  • Most Tempe bus routes operate every 15 minutes from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday

Light Rail

  • Tempe is one of three Valley cities to be included in Arizona's first light rail line, demonstrating its commitment to creating better urban ecology and easier commuting

  • Tempe will have nine light rail stations, including a transit center for buses, bikes and trains

  • The line runs through downtown Tempe, across the center of the community and is adjacent to Arizona State University

  • The line from downtown Tempe to downtown Phoenix is scheduled to run December 2006

  • The line from downtown Mesa to downtown Tempe is scheduled to open August 2007