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Strasbourg Dining

For the classic Strasbourg eating experience, you have to go to a winstub, loosely translated as a "wine bar", a cozy establishment with bare beams, panels and benches, and a noisy, convivial atmosphere. In the classic version there is a special table, a "Stamtisch", set aside for the patron's buddies and regulars. The food revolves around the Alsatian classics: choucroute, tarte à l'oignon, knuckle of pork with horseradish and ham en croûte, all accompanied by local wines (or beer, especially in a bierstub), though the more sophisticated ones offer interesting variations on these themes.

Place du Marché-Gayot ("PMG") near the cathedral is one of the best spots for cafés, most open until late, while there is a good selection of less touristy restaurants in rue du Faubourg Saverne. The city and rest of the region have more than their fair share of Michelin stars; to splash out on a special occasion book ahead for a gastronomic experience to remember at either of the two star-bearers listed here. For some variety you could also tap into Strasbourg's astonishing array of eateries representing foreign cuisine's, including excellent Italian and Chinese, plus Japanese, Jewish, Afghan and Thai.